Dr Claire MM Gachon

        Photo of Dr Claire Gachon near a seaweed farm

Molecular Phycologist

I am a molecular plant pathologist researching the ecology, physiology and genomics of diseases in algae. Working with a broad range of algae and pathogens, I increasingly focus on applied topics, especially macroalgal breeding and disease management in industrial set-ups.

I currently lead the worldwide GlobalSeaweed network and coordinate the Marie Curie ITN consortium ALFF.

Contact details:

Research interests

Originally trained as a molecular plant pathologist, I have a long-standing track record of funding capture towards researching the ecology, physiology and genomics of diseases in algae.

Initially, I have investigated the interaction between the intracellular oomycete pathogen Eurychasma dicksonii and the brown algal genome model Ectocarpus siliculosus, using mostly biochemistry, molecular biology, genomics and bioinformatics. I have participated to several seaweed genome projects, including Ectocarpus, Chondrus and Porphyra.

My research now encompasses a much broader range of algae and pathogens, with an increasingly pronounced focus on applied topics, especially macroalgal breeding and disease management in industrial set-ups. I also play a key role in attracting infrastructure and networking grants for SAMS.

Current research projects

Assemble+ Association of European Marine Biological Laboratories Expanded. Funded by EU H2020. SAMS Co-PI. 2017-2021

Genetic diversity exploitation for innovative macro-algal biorefinery (GENIALG). Funded by EU H2020. SAMS Lead PI, 2017-21

European marine biological research infrastructure cluster to promote the blue bioeconomy (EMBRIC). Funded by EU H2020. SAMS Lead PI, 2015-18

Algal microbiome - friends & foes (ALFF). Funded by EU H2020. Coordinator. 2015-18

GlobalSeaweed: A global initiative in tackling emerging issues in seaweed aquaculture. Funded by NERC. PI. 2014-17

Major past projects

Heritability of disease resistance in brown algae (HERDIR). Genomic Fund. PI. 2014-16

MultiMARCAP: A versatile platform for multidisciplinary marine computing applications. NERC Big Data equipment. PI. 2013

Defense and growth induction in seaweeds: An alternative to crop losses and quarantine protocols (DEFGRIN). Genomia Fund. PI. 2013-15

Genomics of marine algae and their pathogens: a transcriptomic picture of pathogenicity, disease and resistance using the Ectocarpus-Eurychasma model. NERC New Investigator grant. PI. 2011-15

Disease and immunity in marine brown algae (DIMBA). EU FP7 Marie Curie ERG grant. PI. 2008-11

Molecular and ecological investigations into the infection process of Eurychasma dicksonii on brown algae. NERC SOFI standard grant. Co-I. 2008-12

Pioneering post-genomics approaches for the study of algal diseases. Research Fellowship. EU FP6 funded Marie Curie EIF Postdoctoral Fellowship. 2006-2008

Teaching undergraduate

2010-present: Marine Science BSc lecturer 'Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (year 2), Marine Conservation (year 3)

2006-08: Marine Science BSc lecturer in biology

2008: BSc Hons lectures (4.5 hrs) on intercellular communications in plants. Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris) 

Teaching postgraduate

2015-present: NERC GlobalSeaweed Summer School (PhD level) Exploitation and conservation of algal genetic resources; algal diseases. 

2006-present: Lectures and oral examinations (MSc) Préparation Agrégation SVT (Paris Sud - Ecole Normale Supérieure): covering phytopathology, molecular and cellular plant biology

SAMS Continuous Professional Development courses: Algal molecular biology and bioinformatics (2011-14) and algal biotechnology (2011-16)

Current research students

Noreen Hiegle (PhD student, SAMS UHI) 2015-present

Andrea Garvello (PhD student, SAMS UHI) 2015-present

Srilakshmy Lakshminarayanapuram Harikrishnan (PhD student, Univ. Ghent, Belgium) 2015-present

Pedro Murúa-Andrade (PhD student, University of Aberdeen) 2014-present

Alumni research students

Amerssa Tsirigoti (PhD - University Athens, Greece) 2011-15

Undine Achilles-Day (MSc - SAMS UHI) 2009-11

Martina Strittmatter (PhD - SAMS UHI) 2007-11

Postdoctoral researchers

Dr Marie-Mathilde Perrineau, SAMS: 2017-present

Dr Yacine Badis, SAMS: 2015-present

Dr Martina Strittmatter, SAMS: 2014-2016

Dr Mélanie Gerphagnon, visiting from Université Clermont Ferrand, France: 2014-15

Dr Antonios Zambounis, visiting PDRA from University of Thessaly, Greece: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013

Peer reviewed publications

  1. De Clerck, O., Kao, S.M., Bogaert, K.A., Blomme, J., Foflonker, F., Kwantes, M., Vancaester, E., Vanderstraeten, L., Aydogdu, E., Boesger, J. and Califano, G., Gachon CM 2018. Insights into the evolution of multicellularity from the sea lettuce genome. Current Biology, 28 (18), pp.2921-2933.
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Patent Application

M Vallet, M Strittmatter, GH Kim, CMM Gachon, S Prado “Prevention or treatment in algae of diseases induced by protistan pathogens” (PCT/FR2016/050137).

Book chapters and miscellaneous contributions

  1. EJ Cottier-Cook, N Nagabhatla, Y Badis, M Campbell, T Chopin, W Dai, J Fang, P He, CL Hewitt, GH Kim, Y Huo, Z Jiang, G Kema, X Li, F Liu, H Liu, Y Liu, Q Lu, Q Luo, Y Mao, FE Msuya, C Rebours, H Shen, GD Stentiford, C Yarish, H Wu, X Yang, J Zhang, Y Zhou, CMM Gachon. (2016) “Safeguarding the future of the global seaweed aquaculture industry”. Policy brief, SAMS-UNU INWEH.
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  7. Editing of three chapters of a scientific outreach encyclopedia: Règne végétal, Ed. Bordas (1998).

Elected Council Member and Meeting Secretary

British Phycological Society (2013-present)

Scientific & Technical Advisory Board

“A Universal taxonomic framework and integrated reference gene databases for Eukaryotic biology, ecology, and evolution” (2016-present)

Advisory Board of the Heterokont Tree of Life NSF consortium (Hawaii, 2009)

Steering committee of NERC National Biomolecular Analysis Facility (2011-15)

Nominated member of the NERC "-omics" TAP Advisory & Implementation Group (2012-present)

Board of Advisors / ad hoc referee

New Phytologist (2016-present) 

Trends in Genetics, Genome Biology, ISME Journal, Plant Journal, PLoS1, FEMS Microbiology & Ecology, Mycological Research, Hydrobiologia, Plant Methods, Planta, Plant Pathology, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Protist, European Journal of Phycology, Journal of Applied Phycology, Botanica Marina, Aquatic Botany, Cahiers de Biologie Marine…

Invited keynote speaker

Forum Blue Cluster 2015 (St Malo, Nov 15, France); Journées Jean Chevaugeon (Aussois, Jan 14, France); 53rd Conference of the Czech Phycological Society (Ostrava, Aug. 12, Czech Rep.) Israel -French Mini-Symposium “Quantitative Methods in Plankton Ecology: from individuals to ecosystems” (Israel, Feb 10);

11th International Phycological Congress (Szczecin, Aug. 2017, Poland); 6th ISAP Congress (Nantes, Jun 2017); Seagriculture (Aveiro, Sep 16, Portugal); Royal Society Into the Genome meeting (London; Jun 16, UK); 6th annual meeting of the EFOR network (Paris, Feb 15, France); SOFILAC (Latino-American Society for Phycology, Oct 2014, Mexico); BBSRC Phyconet workshop (Cambridge, Sep 14, UK); Annual Conference of the Korean Phycological Society (Wando, Apr 14, Korea ); ASLO science meeting (Otsu, Jul 12, Japan); APPF 2011 (Yeosu, Oct 11, Korea).

Conference organisation (organising committee, chair and /or session organiser for scientific conferences)

Joint 7G workshop on European seaweed production & marketability (SAMS, 2015)

6th European Phycology Conference (2015, London, UK)

1st Environmental -Omics Synthesis Conference (2013, Cardiff, UK)

7th International Ectocarpus Conference (2012, Roscoff, France)

ASLO (2012, Otsu, Japan)

Asia-Pacific Phycological Forum (2011, Yeosu Korea;

UK NERC “–omics” workshop (2011, Oban UK)

British Phycological Society (2010, Oban UK)

5th International Ectocarpus Conference (2008, Oban UK)


Professional memberships

British Phycological Society

International Society for Phycology

International Society for Applied Phycology

Association des Anciens Elèves de l’ENS

Society for Applied Microbiology (until 2016)

Society for Experimental Biology (until 2012)

Genetics Society of America (until 2010)

Outreach / public engagement

Creative fashion design based on marine science: This joint project undertaken with the start-up Crubag in 2014 communicated scientific outputs of my NERC New Investigator grant on algal diseases to the general public. Microscopy pictures of diseased seaweed were used as the basis for the creative design of a fashion collection. The “Gachon Collection” has been exhibited many times in regional, national and international scientific, outreach and fashion events. 

EU-wide ALFF outreach activities: I coordinate the outreach activities of the Marie Curie ALFF programme. In particular, I collaborate with VLIZ (Belgium) and two Art schools to produce professional exhibition material on algal themes. This material is intended to be exhibited at the Royal Botanical Gardens of Edinburgh, the Ocean Explorer Centre (SAMS), the festival of the Sea (Oban), several phycological conferences, and by partners of the consortium. We also recently organised a 3-month exhibit on algae in the Naturmuseum of Constance (Germany, Jan-Mar 17), using a collection of award-winning photographs supplied by the British Phycological Society. I have also facilitated that the same exhibit is now displayed at the Seaweed World Expo (Wando, Korea, Apr 17 – 1 million+ visitors expected over 4 weeks).

Employment history

2013-present: Senior Lecturer in Molecular Phycology. SAMS

2008-13: Lecturer in Molecular Phycology. SAMS

2006-08: Marie Curie Intra-European Postdoctoral Fellow

2004-06: Lecturer (Attaché Temporaire d’Enseignement et de Recherche). Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France

2001-04: Research and Teaching PhD Fellow. Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France


2010 Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches, Université Paris-Sud, France

2001-05: PhD in Plant Physiology. Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France (très honorable)

2001 Final degree in Molecular and Cell biology, Université Strasbourg I (très bien)

2001 Master in Biology / Biochemistry. Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris (très bien)

2000 Agrégation in Life Sciences (ranked 1st/~1500 applicants; highest French teaching qualification)

1997 Entry competition of the Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris (ranked 9th / ~1000 applicants)